Laser Tag Outdoor

Durable Materials

Mantiz, the most durable outdoor laser tag system avaiable. Using splash waterproof and extremely strong covers for ultimate protection of the internal electronics and offering solid 24/7 service and support will guarantee you of the best business stability available!

Laser Tag Advanced Software

Advanced Software

Constant innovations and integrated game systems ensure the players of an outdoor laser tag experience they will never forget. With the modular Mantiz software system you can customize and set up any requested game type to suit your players needs and desires!

Laser Tag Financing

Flexible Financing

Mantiz understands the need to offer flexible financing structures and thus we offer different ways to obtain the most durable outdoor laser tag equipment! Feel free to contact us at any given time to obtain the best available quote for the best available outdoor laser tag system!

Laser Tag Hardware

Hammerstrong Hardware

Mantiz has been created using extremely durable, hammerstrong materials. Smart planning of electronics in combination with the durable materials means that Mantiz guarantees splashproof products! Mathematical and precision aligned positioning of internal laser transmittors and receivers ensure you of a shotrange of 300 meters - only with Mantiz!

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Laser Tag Realistic

Realistic Gaming

With an accuracy of 100% on 300 meters (1000 ft) Mantiz offers the most realistic games available. The software allows for different types of gaming options, including the ability to host several team related games. With the CentiPod - the base and medbox of Mantiz - you can diversify your games to suit the exact needs of your players whether for corporate, birthday or other groups!

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Laser Tag Service

24/7 Support

As an international company, our team stands ready at your service offering 24/7 service and support with any question you might have, regardless of location or timezone. Our service systems are integrated with the trusted, global carrier service UPS for reliable and fast shipping methods!